The DJ Trivia Sierra Nevada Family

Who are we? And how can you join the DJ Trivia Family?

There is a reason we use the phrase DJ Trivia Family a lot. The owners of DJTSN are Vickie and Craig Musni…parents of four kids currently between the ages of 16 and 22. Vickie describes herself as a Mom Boss. “I’ve been a parent longer than I’ve been a boss so I think I just naturally run my business like a family.”

What do current DJ Trivia hosts say about their job?

  • “I get paid to have fun!!” ~ Amy Bosch-Whitney
  • “It doesn’t even feel like work, it’s really fun and I’m so glad it gets me out in the world a few nights a week! I love my venues and teams ❤️” ~ Conor McQuivey
  • “I love the connections made through hosting and all the friendships established!” ~ Danyel Soulier
  • “The more you cut loose, the more they love you!” ~ Ryan Tune
  • “My primary job is very solitary and analytical. This lets me “people”…in small doses. 🤣” ~ Jessica Goza-Tyner

What does it take to become a DJ Trivia host?

There are lots of things we look for when recruiting/hiring hosts. First, we want fun people who love the game. A LOT of our current hosts started as DJ Trivia players first. Also, hosts need to be comfortable with technology and good with people. The job of running the game takes both skill sets. We do train you, but hosts need to be able to set up and run their game and occasionally troubleshoot when something unexpected happens. You also need to be comfortable speaking to large groups (obviously) and approaching people to invite them to play.

Other specific requirements include being available at least two evenings a week, the ability to work independently while still being a team player, and having a Facebook account. Hosts post pictures of the winning teams to a Facebook album on our page after each game. There is also a private Fb group that serves as the hub of communication for the hosts, owners, and managers.

How can I apply?

To apply, send your resume to or

DJ Trivia Sierra Nevada Family Fun!