Fall 2022 DJ Trivia Champions!

Who are the new DJ Trivia Champions? And how did they get there? Read on to learn more about how the DJ Trivia leagues work. The new league starts in January and your team might make it to the Championship! How do the leagues work? Our software tracks the team names, number of players, and…

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How Does the DJ Trivia League Work?

Have you heard about the DJ Trivia League? Still have questions about how it all works? Let us answer the most Frequently Asked Questions for you here. Does it cost money to join the league? No! It is always free to play and there are no fees associated with the league. How do you track…

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DJ Trivia Nevada Championship Game

DJ Trivia Nevada Championship First Place Team Rainbow Delcious

The Norther DJ Trivia Nevada Championship game took place on December 8, 2020. Hundreds of players compete in DJ Trivia games all over the area each week and scores are tracked during two 20-week league periods each year. This year, KRNV Channel 4 picked up the story! At the end of each league period the…

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