Phil-Billies…A DJ Trivia Team Story

My name is Laura and I am part of the DJ Trivia team Phil-Billies.  And this is our story. . .

Back in 2017, my best friend, Janet, insisted I needed to go play trivia because she knew I would love it.  At that time, we played at Legends Grill Sport & Spirits on Thursday nights.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last there too long because Thursdays conflicted with football.  So, she found us a new location to play which was The Sierra Tap House and we’ve been playing there ever since.  Sadly, Janet passed away rather suddenly in 2021, but we never forget that she brought us all together to share this tradition we enjoy so very much! Cheers to Janet! I miss her every day!

DJ Trivia Team History – Why is the team called the Phil-Billies?

Our name, if you didn’t know, comes from Dad, Phil, who started playing with us when we moved over to The Sierra Tap House.  My Dad is 82 and doesn’t play with us all of the time now because of Covid and because he recently had to get cataract surgery and couldn’t drive.  When he wasn’t coming, we missed him and so much that we created a “Phil” doll to sit in for him.  He thought it was creepy, but we’ve never laughed so hard over anything.  I’m so grateful for the nights he does come to play because we have so much fun together.  If you’ve you talked with my Dad, you’d know that he is a complete ham.  And we love that he has so much knowledge (and laughs) to share.  I love you Dad!

And they have a mascot…

Chewy is our mascot.  He is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix who is our secret weapon.  Really . . . he knows all the answers and will gladly give them up for the price of a treat.  He’s 3 years old and belongs to recently engaged couple Kayla and James. 

Our other teammates are: Cori, who is one of the happiest and bubbliest people you’ll ever meet; Stephanie, who always has whatever we need for bonus points without fail; Sherry, who’s been best friends with Cori since grade school and who’s really good with Classic Rock. I treasure these women!  In addition, my sister, Jessica and her boyfriend, Connor, play with us and we have quite a few drop-ins who we are grateful when they show including, Donna (my step-mom), Dennis, Brad, Desiree, Ken, Chris, Jackie, Andrew, Nate, Cynthia, Maria, Sherri, Gauruv & Gigi. (the last few have moved away).

DJ Trivia is not just super fun; it’s a community.  The other teams, the bartenders and our DJ’s have all become like a family who we love to see on a weekly basis.  And, we get to learn which is something no one should ever stop doing! 

Do you have a DJ Trivia team story to share?

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