Meet the Hosts: Conor McQuivey

Conor McQuivey became a DJ Trivia host in April of 2019. He confessed his love of travel and adventure during his initial interview saying, “I’ll probably be moving in a year or so, but I’ll give you a year.” And Vickie hired him anyway!

What do you love about hosting DJ Trivia?

  • I love getting to see people out enjoying Reno’s local bars and restaurants, and providing a fun weekly event for people to come to week after week. It’s been great getting to know our regular teams and players.

When you aren’t hosting what can you be found doing?

  • In the summer I love hiking and going up to visit Lake Tahoe, reading and listening to audio books, and working on my podcast project, Renoites.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since joining the DJ Trivia Nevada family?

  • I love talking to a crowd! I used to be more of a shy or quiet kid, then as I grew up I discovered that I actually enjoy meeting and talking to new people, and DJ Trivia is where I finally learned in the last couple years that I actually enjoy getting in front of an audience…as long as I know what I’m going to say!

Do you have a favorite DJ Trivia memory?

  • My first year, I hosted 4 days a week at 4 different venues with great regular teams at all of them. At the end of the league season, I was able to host the championship match for the top 3 teams from each of my venues, all together for one big game at Shim’s. It was SO FUN to have all my favorite regular teams under one roof together.

From Vickie’s View

While we often laugh about his interview, hiring Conor McQuivey was one of the easiest – and best – decisions I’ve made for this company. He is a natural leader and has helped train a lot of our newer hosts we’ve hired in the last couple of years. Conor was the host at Sierra Tap House when they won the last Reno News & Review award given for Best Trivia Night in Reno. I am also really proud to be the first sponsor of his Renoites podcast…and a past guest!

Currently you can find Conor hosting on Mondays at Lead Dog Brewing in downtown Reno, Tuesdays at Sierra Tap House, and Thursdays at the Brewers Cabinet Production Facility in West Reno off 4th Street.

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