Meet the Hosts: Introducing Amy Bosch-Whitney!

This week you get to “meet” Amy Bosch-Whitney! As part of our Meet the Hosts series, each team member answered a series of questions. Amy began hosting DJ Trivia in November 2020 and has been a really fun addition to our team. You can meet Amy IRL on Mondays at The Little Waldorf, Tuesdays at Beer NV, or Wednesdays at Fat Cat Bar & Grill in midtown.

What do you love about hosting DJ Trivia?

  • I love the people, the locations, and the fun we have!

What do you love to do when you aren’t hosting?

  • Standup comedy, going to movies, gardening, reading, dancing, painting and hanging out with my family.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since joining the DJ Trivia Nevada family?

  • I don’t like Hillary Duff music. LOL

What is your favorite DJ Trivia memory?

  • My favorite memory so far was helping one of my regulars propose to his girlfriend during a game.
Congratulations to Frank & Maddie of team Octrivia Spencer. We’re all excited for you and love that you decided to ask such an important question at trivia!

From Vickie’s View…

I knew OF Amy long before I knew Amy. My husband had met her through some professional circles that overlapped. Elgin knew her from the standup comedy world. But I didn’t meet Amy until the fall of 2020.

During the shutdown my brother and I were producing/hosting online comedy shows and in September he wanted to do a show that featured all teachers…enter Amy Bosch-Whitney. I liked her immediately and knew she would make a fabulous host. I cautiously broached the subject and was thrilled when she said, “Oh, I was wanting to ask you if you had any openings!”

Amy is a very kind and incredibly funny person. One of the things I have noticed when I pop into her games is how many players she calls by name. I am really impressed at how hard she tries to connect personally with her players.

Be watching next week for another chance to Meet the Host!

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