DJ Trivia Challenge for Charity

Help us raise $10K in honor of our 10 year anniversary by participating in the DJ Trivia Challenge for Charity

The first ever game of DJ Trivia in Northern Nevada took place at the Little Waldorf on April 15, 2013. This year on April 15 we invite you to join us in commemorating our 10 year anniversary by raising $10K for local non profits.

How will it work?

  • Register to reserve a spot for a team of 6. (Max of 30 teams total) You may list one entity as a sponsor if someone else is paying your $250 registration fee. Sponsors will receive public thank you’s on social media as well as on signage and over the mic at the event on April 15.
  • Each team will designate the 501(c)3 nonprofit of their choice to represent when playing.
  • In addition to the money collected for the fees, additional funds will be raised through raffle ticket sales and a live auction held right before the start of each round.
  • Prize money will be donated to the nonprofits represented by the winning teams in the following increments* –

1st place – $3000
2nd place – $2000
3rd place – $1000

  • We will divide the remaining proceeds evenly among the other designated nonprofit organizations.

How can you help?

  • SIGN UP TO PLAY! One registration fee covers you and 5 friends to participate. Registration fee is paid when you sign up. You will then have one week to submit your team name, the 501(c)3 nonprofit you will be playing for, and to raise additional funds for the designated charities.
  • DONATE A RAFFLE PRIZE OR GIFT BASKET! You can purchase raffle tickets when you register or during the event
  • SPONSOR A TEAM! Pay the registration fee for a team and have your name or company listed as the official team sponsor.
  • SPREAD THE WORD! Invite friends, share on social media, and spread the word about the various sponsors & charities represented!

* Prize amounts for donations listed based on a full roster of 30 teams participating; actual donation amounts could vary.