Discover the Joy of DJ Trivia Night at Rusty Taco

Are you tired of the same old evenings spent at home? Want to mix things up and have some fun? Look no further than DJ Trivia Night at Rusty Taco in Reno, NV!

Every Thursday, Rusty Taco transforms into a hub of excitement and laughter, with locals coming together to test their knowledge and enjoy delicious tacos and drinks. The vibe is lively, the atmosphere is friendly, and the competition is fierce.

But what exactly is DJ Trivia Night, and what makes it so special? DJ Trivia is a live, interactive game show where participants are quizzed on a wide range of topics, from pop culture and history to science and geography. With the help of a live DJ, teams compete against each other to answer as many questions correctly as possible. The more people on your team, the better your chances of winning.

But it’s not just about the competition – DJ Trivia Night is also a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends. Whether you’re playing with coworkers, friends, or strangers, you’re sure to have a good time and enjoy some lighthearted banter. And with a menu full of mouth-watering tacos, cheesy nachos and refreshing margaritas, you’ll never go hungry or thirsty.

What are people saying about DJ Trivia night at Rusty Taco?

“Our team loves coming to Rusty Tacos for trivia because they serve such great food. Everyone working here is always so kind and we can’t help but adore Patrick as our host!”
~ Nic Cage Fan Squad, DJ Trivia Die-Hard Team

“We love having DJ Trivia at Rusty because they exude several of our core principles; Community Minded, Passionate, and Fun. We have created a lively environment for family and friends to get together once a week away from their phones and the monotony of daily life. Trivia and Tacos go hand in hand.”

~ Taylor Cain, Rusty Taco Reno Owner