DJ Trivia on Alice 96.5 Morning Show

Vickie Musni was invited to be on the Alice 96.5 morning show last week to talk about DJ Trivia! Vickie loves getting to talk about DJT and a blast with Bill, Jlynn, and Lyric on Thursday.

DJ Trivia on Alice 96.5 morning show

We talked about what DJ Trivia is, how long we’ve been in Northern Nevada, and how we plan to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. For all of the details about the upcoming Challenge for Charity read the full article here.

If you missed on hearing DJ Trivia on Alice 96.5 on March 2, here is a link to it.

Some behind-the-scenes fun facts from Vickie about talking DJ Trivia on the Alice 96.5 morning show

  • As a non-morning person she was grateful to not be the first guest on the show and didn’t have to arrive until 8am.
  • Being around fun and funny people is a great way to wake up when you are needing to function earlier than normal.
  • Vickie always stresses about what to wear for a radio interview. This time she guessed (correctly!) that Lyric would be in pink and wore something that would coordinate well with that specifically to look cute in this selfie.
  • After talking about DJ Trivia and the Challenge for Charity the group did a rendition of Facebook Theater. This is where everyone reads the “part” assigned to them and they do a dramatic reading of a Facebook argument in the style of a radio play. Vickie had no idea what she was getting into, and has the least theater experience of the group…but still had fun with it!