Tuesday Trivia at Prost Biergarten

Did you know that every Tuesday is trivia night at Prost Biergarten? That’s right. You can play DJ Trivia at Reno’s best German bar & restaurant every single Tuesday night.

It’s like Oktoberfest all year long!!! Looking for a wide selection of German beer? Prost has it. Craving amazing schnitzel or authentic bratwurst? Prost has it. Fresh pretzels with beer cheese? German whiskey? Fun German music? This is the place to be!

Why should you check out Tuesday Trivia at Prost?

  • DJ Trivia is always super fun.
  • Prost is locally owned and all of the staff are really cool people.
  • Beer cheese. (Enough said.)
  • You can eat and drink while you play.
  • They are a new game in spring 2022 so your odds of making it to the league playoffs are pretty decent if you start playing consistently now!
  • You’ll get to play with Maddie – our newest trivia player-turned-host.
  • You could win a gift card or a super cool German boot beer mug!

Still aren’t familiar with DJ Trivia?

You can play DJ Trivia alone…but it is definitely more fun with some friends. Sign ups begin at 7pm. Just tell Maddie (the DJ Trivia host) that you want to play and she will ask you for a team name and how many people there are in your group.

The game runs 7:30-9pm and consists of 4 rounds that each have 5 questions. Questions start off fairly easy and get progressively harder as the game goes on. The point value for each question also goes up each round. Questions show up on the screen and are read aloud by the host. While the song is playing you have about 3 minutes to discuss with your team, come to consensus, and turn your answer in. The top 3 teams with the most points at the end of the game win prizes!

Next time you realize it’s Tuesday you really should head over to Prost at 7pm!