Trivia Goals for the New Year

Do you set trivia goals for the new year? At least one team did this for 2021! Last January DJ Trivia player Andrew Tolley shared his team’s goal with me: This year we plan to win first place at 12 different trivia locations!

This goal was particularly impressive because a year ago we only had five games operating because of Covid restrictions! I loved the optimism, dedication…and specificity of the goal.

“The British Food Franchise”

Collectively, this team refers to themselves as The British Food Franchise. Over the years, different members have played in smaller groups with team names including Smashing Crumpets, Bubble & Squeak, Toad-in-the-Hole, Marmite Lovers of Nevada, The Sherry Trifles, The Mince Pied Pipers, and Cold Turkey & Chips.

The original team name was Bangers & Mash and pre-covid they played regularly at Bighorn Tavern. Currently, they can be found playing most frequently at Shim’s Surplus Supplies on Sundays, Piñon Bottle Sparks on Tuesdays, and Brewers Cabinet Production Facility on Thursdays.

DJ Trivia Goal for 2021 met!

The British Food Franchise did indeed meet their official goal for last year. They earned a first place victory at each of the following locations:

  • Shim’s Surplus Supplies – January 3
  • Beer NV – January 26
  • Fat Cat Bar & Grill – February 3
  • Sierra Tap House – February 16
  • Piñon Bottle Sparks – February 23
  • Chica’s Bar & Grill – May 5
  • Peavine Taphouse Eats & Beats – April 27
  • Bighorn Tavern – June 30
  • The 395 – July 21
  • Brewers Cabinet Production Facility – August 12
  • Little Waldorf – September 20
  • Old Southwest Social House – November 15

Smashing Crumpets team members Tony, Andrew, Jana, Kate & Mike smashing the competition with a perfect game on April 14, 2021

More inspiration for your DJ Trivia Goals for this year!

Here are some other fun facts from The British Food Franchise that might inspire your team as you are setting your own DJ Trivia goals for next year:

  • On April 14, 2021 Smashing Crumpets won with a perfect game – a score of 1440 points.
  • In 2021 The British Food Franchised played over 100 games and had 67 first place finishes.

Thank you to Andrew Tolley for sharing his team’s goals and stories with us. What DJ Trivia stories do you have…or will you make this year? Is your team ready for 2022? What are your goals? Besides having fun…do you plan to play 100 times? Play at every location? Qualify for playoffs? Be the next DJ Trivia champion team?

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