Revision Brewing DJ Trivia team Blue Thunder showing their love for DJ Trivia Nevada

Revision Brewing DJ Trivia

“Great Beer Brings Great People Together.” This saying is true for Revision Brewing as a whole, but ESPECIALLY on Thursday nights. Every Thursday the place is FULL of beer and trivia enthusiasts from all walks of life. On average 80 players come out each week for Revision Brewing DJ Trivia.

DJ Trivia Nevada host Elgin keeps the crowd entertained as they learn random facts together over the course of the game.

Revision Brewing is the longest running DJ Trivia game in the city of Sparks.

Revision Brewing was founded on the principal of having an evolutionary spirit.  Add to this their respect for craft beer and the result is the quality you get with a Revision Brewing Company beer. “Respect craft beer” refers to a genuine appreciation for all aspects of the craft beer culture:  passion, process, ingredients, people, and of course the beer itself.

Definition of Revision | Merriam-Webster

: a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something
: a new version of something
: something (such as a piece of writing or a song) that has been corrected or changed

Revision Brewing Company is known for brewing mouth-watering prominently hop-forward beers by the award-winning brewmaster Jeremy Warren and head brewer Jeb Taylor. Revision Brewing Company opened in March of 2017 and is located in Sparks, Nevada. With some serious momentum behind the beers, Revision produced 5,615  barrels of beer at the end of 2017 and the brewery projects to produce upwards of 20,000 barrels within the next few years.

Revision Brewing Company’s brewmaster and CEO hails from Knee Deep Brewing Company out of Auburn, CA, a company that he originally founded out of his garage in Sparks, Nevada. In July of 2015, Jeremy Warren (Founder and former Brewmaster of Knee Deep Brewing Company) decided to sell his shares of Knee Deep Brewing to his business partner and set out to start Revision Brewing Company where he could have total creative freedom.

Read the full story and back story about Revision Brewing, Jeremy Warren, and their award winning beers at

Come out every Thursday to play DJ Trivia and try to earn your own “award” in the form of more of Revision’s award winning beer.

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