Piñon Bottle Sparks trivia team celebrating a win

Piñon Bottle Sparks DJ Trivia

Piñon Bottle Sparks DJ Trivia nights take place every Tuesday AND Thursday! Piñon Bottle was established in 2015 as the premier authority on beer in the Reno area. In the fall of 2019 they opened Piñon Bottle Sparks right in the heart of all the action in downtown Sparks. They are a bottle shop and beer bar that emphasizes discovery.

Piñon Bottle Sparks Trivia Night is truly a place where drinking and learning go hand in hand.

Piñon Bottle serves as a beer “library” and on Tuesday nights, patrons learn about more than just beer! Twice a week our DJ Trivia hosts leads teams through a fun and educational game of DJ Trivia where teams in the bar compete against each other for bragging rights and free beer. On Tuesdays you can play with Keyana and on Thursdays with Ryan!

Piñon Bottle Produces Champions!

The current reigning DJ Trivia Nevada champions Eric & the Nickelbacks call Piñon their home. After playing in the playoff game in November of 2021 they went on to the Championship in December and won it all.

Eric & the Nickelbacks aren’t the first team from Piñon to make it to the championship! Piñon Bottle Sparks was a new DJ Trivia partner in 2019, but they still managed to be represented in the Fall 2019 Championship game. Team “Too Many Chefs” qualified to represent a former DJT partner and since has made Piñon Bottle Sparks their home. Too Many Chefs held the title of 2nd Runner Ups in all of Northern Nevada for two years.

Piñon Bottle Sparks DJ Trivia team Too Many Chefs at the Fall Championship game

 If you are equally thirsty for knowledge of random facts as you are for good beer, we invite you to join Keyana and Ryan and the Piñon Bottle  Sparks regulars every Tuesday & Thursday. With 40 beers on tap and many more in the cooler to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love. You can even try something new every single week!

Do they fill growlers? You bet. Flights of beer from one of their 40 rotating taps? They’ve got you covered there, too. Looking for a six-pack or a couple of bombers to take home for the evening or weekend? All here.

They also have fun things like tap take-overs, mystery tap nights, beer tasting classes, brewing discussions, hi-fives, award-winning smiles. And the best trivia game around. See you soon!

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