Meet the Hosts: Introducing Pat Murphy!

For this Meet the Hosts series, each team member answered a few questions about themselves and their time with DJ Trivia Nevada. Patrick joined the DJ Trivia Nevada family in December 2017. He hosts Sundays at Shim’s (5-7pm), Mondays at Old Southwest Social House, Tuesdays at Forest Street Station, Wednesdays at Hookavah, and Thursdays at Silver Peak on the River.

What do you love about hosting DJ Trivia?

  • Meeting new people that play, hosting at all of the different venues…and love the job itself

When you aren’t hosting, what are you usually doing?

  • Watch game shows, collect and play board games, hang out with friends when the opportunity presents itself, eat at local restaurants.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since joining the DJ Trivia Nevada family?

  • I’ve become more of a social butterfly. It has helped bring me more out of my shell and has broken down the barrier of being afraid of meeting new people.

Do you have a favorite DJ Trivia memory?

  • It would have to be the one time I tried Alligator bites with my boss and another host. It was extremely adventurous for us all (And pretty good too!)

From Vickie’s View…

Pat applied for a position as a host when we were holding an audition night in Carson City. The first thing that caught my attention was that in his cover letter he referenced having over 175 board games and how much he loved host game nights for friends and family. He was born to do this job!

Pat always goes the extra mile for us. Not only is he a dedicated hosts who brings an incredible amount of energy to his games he has always been willing to cover other games when asked and helps out with our instagram page. (A lot of those memes are from him!) I can’t imagine DJ Trivia Nevada without Pat.

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