Meet the Hosts: Introducing Keyana Bunting!

Keyana Bunting has been a DJ Trivia host since September 2019. You can find her every Monday at Chica’s Bar in Sparks and Tuesday night at Piñon Bottle Sparks…and often subbing for other hosts when someone is gone. Here are Keyana’s answers to the Meet the Hosts survey questions:

What do you love about hosting DJ Trivia?

  • I love being around such fun and amazing people and seeing the fun I can bring them with hosting trivia!

What do you love to do when you aren’t hosting?

  • Relaxing!! After a long day of teaching elementary school, I’m ready to just lounge on my couch and watch TV.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since joining the DJ Trivia Nevada family?

  • I am terrible at pronouncing…well, almost everything. Names, places, scientific terms. I think at this point it’s something my teams expect from me hehe!

What is your favorite DJ Trivia memory?

Ahh!! So many! Truly, any night on Piñon is a great night of singing and dancing. It’s a blast every Tuesday!

From Vickie’s View…

Keyana Bunting is another case of player turned host. As the business owner I’ve learned that players who really love the game often make the best hosts. Keyana is a really fun, high energy host. I know that working with school aged children all day can be very draining. We are lucky that she is willing to hang out with grownups in a bar in the evening after spending the day with a classroom full of kids!

I also really appreciate how flexible Keyana has been. Obviously things changed quite a bit fairly soon after she joined our team. I’m grateful that she hung with us through the pandemic and how often she is willing and able to sub for other hosts. Our team just wouldn’t be the same without her!

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