McHoppers Brew Co. brings DJ Trivia to Fernley!

McHoppers Brew Co. became the first place in Fernley to have DJ Trivia! Thanks to some fun folks who made this connection we’ve been able to bring the DJ Trivia fun to a whole new community!

It felt like the whole town showed up to play that very first game! Fernley residents came out in droves to play DJ Trivia and enjoy the fantastic local beers brewed right there in town!

The McHoppers Brew Co. Story

McHoppers owners Mike McMordie and Dody Hopper have been friends for almost two decades. Dody had been in to home brewing for a while before Mike took an interest. Over time this hobby grew and eventually they both realized it had become more passion than hobby. While on a pre-covid vacation in early 2020 they began to dream about operating more than a basement brewery. Thus the idea for McHoppers Brew Co. was formed! Read more of their story here.

Jessica is the perfect person to be the regular DJ Trivia host at McHoppers! She is not only a long-time friend of DJ Trivia owner Vickie Musni but also a long time friend of the owners of McHoppers. Jessica can wrangle a rowdy crowd of trivia players and also enjoys hanging out at McHopper’s other times as well. “If there’s any sort of racing (e.g. dirt, midget, drag, NASCAR) on tv, it’ll be in one of the TV’s at McHopper’s. They started home brewing, and now have the licensing and equipment to continue having favorites on tap and make small batches of mad scientist flavors.”

Join us every Thursday at McHoppers for some DJ Trivia fun…7-9pm!