Meet the Hosts: Introducing Jessica Goza-Tyner!

Vickie first met Jessica Goza-Tyner through Toastmasters, an international organization for communication and leadership development. Jessica also played DJ Trivia in Carson City before the pandemic…but lives in Fernley. When the first inquiry came in about doing trivia in Fernley Jessica was the obvious choice to become a host! She officially joined the team in May 2022.

What do you love about hosting DJ Trivia?

  • It is fun watching the interpersonal dynamics of teams and how competitive people can be while having fun!

When you aren’t hosting what else do you love to do?

  • I love watching/listening to baseball, gardening, and being involved Toastmasters

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since joining the DJ Trivia Nevada family?

  • I can handle curve balls thrown at me. Various tech challenges have kept me on my toes!

What is your favorite DJ Trivia memory?

  • My very first game I hosted was at McHoppers Brew Co. We had 20 teams that night. Nineteen of them went for the Do or Die question…and got it wrong. Then had a 19-way tie for 2nd & 3rd place!

Jessica Goza-Tyner…From Vickie’s View

Jessica is a HUGE asset to the DJ Trivia team! We love having her be the “face” of the company in Fernley. She is a reliable host and a great team player. She even drives in to Reno at times when we need her to guest host at a different location. If you live in or near Fernley definitely plan to go to one of her games! She is at Red’s Bar & Grill on Tuesday nights and McHoppers Brew Co. on Thursdays.