Hookava DJ Trivia team

Hookava DJ Trivia Nights are Fun & Chill!

Hookava DJ Trivia nights are the most laid back out of all of our games. Don’t get me wrong – there is still competition, but the vibe is a relaxing kind of fun. DJ Trivia host Pat has been the host at Hookava since they started hosting games in January of 2022. You can find him at Hookava every Wednesday night from 7 to 9pm…and maybe even some other times when he is off the clock.

Hookava is a 21+ lounge known for its hookah, unique cocktails, and friendly people. Plus, they have White Claw Wednesday specials during DJ Trivia!

Here is what one player (Allie) has to say: Hookava is a great location for trivia because of the lounge atmosphere, everyone here comes to relax and have fun…there is no pressure or people getting over competitive. The space also allows for larger parties to come play so there is more participation. The staff is friendly and welcoming, it’s a very enjoyable location.

“All the teams are super friendly and enjoy some friendly competition. The staff is wonderful to be around and it’s fun to see them play along too.” ~ DJ Trivia Host Pat

What could I win at Hookava DJ Trivia?

  • 1st place team wins a $50 bar tab
  • 2nd place team wins a bottle of champagne
  • 3rd place team wins the specialty shot of the night for the whole team!

Join in on the fun every Wednesday, 7-9pm!