DJ Trivia on 100.1 We FM with Connie Wray

Vickie Musni was talking about DJ Trivia on 100.1 We FM again this week! Thank you, Connie, for your support of DJ Trivia, and all local Reno businesses! Connie is passionate connector and advocate for all things local. Listen to her on 100.1 We FM for fun music and all the latest things happening in Reno.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Connie invited Vickie back to the 100.1 We FM studio to talk about DJ Trivia’s 10 year anniversary and the upcoming Challenge for Charity event. If you missed the show on Friday, here is an excerpt from their time together.

If you prefer to read instead of listen right now, you can find out more about the Challenge for Charity here. And here is a list of the FAQ that Connie asked Vickie about DJ Trivia on 100.1 We FM.

FAQs about the DJ Trivia Challenge for Charity

Q: What charity does the money go to?

A: You choose!!! When you register your team you designate which 501(c)3 non profit you want to play for!

Q: Does it cost money to play?

A: Yes, for this event there is a $250 registration fee…that’s where a lot of the prize money will come from. We encourage teams to FIND A SPONSOR to pay for the fee.

Q: How does getting a sponsor work?

A: Ask anyone you know who owns a business (or an individual who wants to support local charities) to pay your team’s registration fee. Every business will get mentions on social media, as well as on mic and on printed signage at the event.

Q: How many people can be on a team?

A: For this event, each registration is for a team of 6 people. You may not have more than 6 people, and we really would love for you to fill all 6 spots on your team. However, you do not need to know who will be on your team when you register…you can decide that closer to the date.

Q: When is the registration deadline?

A: We are limited to 30 teams of 6 people so registration will close when we run out of spots. Best to reserve your spot now before the event is full!

Q: Where and when will it be?

A: The Little Waldorf is reserving their entire restaurant space for this event! It will be held 2-5pm on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

Q: What else will be happening besides the DJ Trivia game?

A: We will be raffling off a lot of fun items and gift baskets. (Raffle tickets can be purchased at a discount when you sign up or at the event) And there will be a LIVE AUCTION before each round for things like a free answer, an extra clue, or a 50/50!

Q: Do you have to be 21 to play?

A: No, all ages can play! In fact, we encourage you to consider having age diversity on your team as intergenerational teams often have an edge. Keep in mind however because of space, you may not bring more than 6 people for your team (which includes young children even if they aren’t old enough to play).

Q: How do I reserve a spot?

A: Use this link to register your team today!