DJ Trivia League Playoffs

Championship is the goal, but DJ Trivia League Playoffs makes for the single biggest day of the trivia season. This past year 3 playoff games were held simultaneously on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

How do teams qualify for the trivia league playoffs?

The DJ Trivia league period runs for 20 weeks. Scores are tracked for each location every week and the top 14 game scores for each team become the team’s league score. The top teams from each location at the end of the season are assigned to a playoff game.

This year we had to get a little creative since the 3 playoff locations were different sizes and some could hold more teams than others. Here is the breakdown of who played where in the 2021 Fall DJ Trivia League Playoffs.

In total, 214 players representing 36 teams played in 3 simultaneous games run by 7 DJ Trivia Nevada team members. Many thanks to the incredible staff at Shim’s Surplus Supplies, Old Southwest Social House, and Wonder Aleworks; it is not easy to have so many rowdy teams all playing at the same time and every place was PACKED!

We are also very grateful for our fabulous hosts. Elgin hosted the game at Shim’s, Pat hosted at OSW, and Conor hosted at Wonder Aleworks. Danyel, Keyana, and Amy also came to assist with crowd control and taking photos.

Video clip from DJ Trivia Playoff at Old Southwest Social House