Reno speakeasy trivia team showing their love for DJ Trivia

DJ Trivia at Reno Speakeasy…Shhhh!

Shim’s Surplus Supplies Co offers military, government and industrial items. 125 W 3rd St. Open Sun-Thurs from 3-12. Fri & Sat from 3-2. Special discounts all day Wednesday and every other day from 3-6. Deliveries received in the back.

That’s the official story about Shim’s Surplus Supplies. I’ll spell it out for you if you can promise to keep it on the down low? If you want to play DJ Trivia at this Reno speakeasy, just go around back. (Yes, to the “delivery” door) You will enter the coolest speakeasy you’ve ever been to. Between the vintage décor and the live music every night, walking in feels a bit like stepping back in time.

What exactly is a Speakeasy?

The term “speakeasy” became commonplace during the prohibition era of the United States. Because such establishments were prohibited people had to practice speaking quietly and subtly in order to not alert the police or other neighbors.

Most of the week, Shim’s doesn’t have anything that resembles a TV, making it easy to enjoy the music and the company. But on Sunday evenings, they do pull out a large screen TV so that everyone can enjoy an entertaining game of DJ Trivia with long-time DJ Trivia Nevada host, Elgin. With Elgin hosting DJ Trivia, and Nick serving up drinks from behind the bar, you are guaranteed a fabulous evening full of fun and laughter.

Are you looking for something new to enjoy in Reno? DJ Trivia at Shim’s is the perfect place for you to gather with friends every Sunday. And Shim’s is the only way to play DJ Trivia at a Reno speakeasy. Shim’s has some snacks available for purchase but you can also order dinner to be delivered if you want to eat while you drink and play. DJ Trivia sign ups start at 5pm and the game runs from 5:30 to 7pm.

Enjoy our offerings and speak easy of us.

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