Carson City DJ Trivia Team Shares Their Story

Written by Teri of the Trash Pandas at The Max Casino

We participate in DJ Trivia at the The Max Casino in Carson City every Tuesday.  Sometimes we visit other trivia nights at other venues, but sessions at The Max are home.  The chairs are comfortable, the prizes are wonderful, and the host is the reason we have returned each week. 

My husband (Bill) and I are trivia junkies.  It’s one of the things that drew us together in the first place.  We met online, back when it wasn’t cool and people were made fun of for using dating sites.  I had signed up on a dare from a friend, and Bill was looking for “the one”.  I was getting ready to delete my profile and thought “one last scroll through the profiles can’t hurt”, and came upon Bill, or “The Big Smooth” as he called himself.  How off-putting is that?? 

So, I made fun of his name, and the rest is history.  However, within our first conversation we learned that we share a love of useless knowledge.  We tried to impress each other with facts about football, Broadway musicals, movies, pop culture, science, history, trends, and the list goes on.  I guess it worked because we were both hooked.

We started talking on a Tuesday, met in person on Friday, and played our first team trivia game on Sunday…against my brother and his girlfriend. We won, and we haven’t stopped playing since.  While sitting in a restaurant, we pull up trivia questions while we wait.  We drive on long trips, and pull up trivia questions to keep ourselves occupied.  When at movies, we pull up trivia questions before the trailers.  We sit in traffic, and pull up trivia questions to pass the time.  It’s truly a love for both of us.  See?  Trivia junkies.

How did they end up at a Carson City DJ Trivia game?

So, when our son, who is an Assistant Property Manager at a rival casino in Carson came to us and said he had to “steak out” a new trivia event happening at The Max, and he asked us to go with him so that he wouldn’t have to play alone, we jumped on board with both feet and off we went.  We haven’t looked back since.

To be fair, we had no idea what DJ Trivia was at the time.  Would someone be spinning records on a turntable while we were trying to think of answers?  Were questions going to be shouted out among a Rave happening in the background with loud music?  Were the host’s initials DJ?  Was the oldest child on Full House, DJ Tanner going to be there?  We had no clue.  Thank God, it turned out to be one of the most fun (and rewarding) trivia games we’ve ever played.  

I think the best part (other than winning) is watching the competition among the teams…the squeaky toy that is squeezed every time a certain team gets a correct answer…the pats on the back within a team when they’ve guessed correctly to listen to one of their team members… that awesome feeling of relief when we’ve guess at an answer and our correct guess shows up on the screen…the “I knew it!” shouts from various teams throughout the night…the “congrats” and “good job” comments to the teams that won, followed up with “it should have been us, but congrats to you anyway!”. 

And now we’ve added our gnomes.  They go with us and adorn the table whenever we play.  They’re not quite a squeaky toy, but they mean something to us, and they dance whenever we get an answer correct.  They’re our cheering section.  All of this rolls together into my favorite night of the week. 

Bill and I truly enjoy Tuesday nights at The Max.  We truly enjoy DJ Trivia.  And we truly enjoy Danyel.  I think we’ll be doing this for as long as it exists, and as long as we can still think clearly.  Stay away dementia!  The Trash Pandas don’t have time for you!  We have a trivia game to win.

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