Black Rabbit Mead DJ Trivia Tuesdays

Have you been to Black Rabbit Mead Company yet? The people and the products make this the perfect place to play trivia! New to mead? Don’t worry! The staff there can answer any questions, make recommendations for you, and help you build your own flight.

We started doing DJ Trivia here this spring and quickly fell in love…with mead and all of the people who make it! Will Truce, Black Rabbit co-owner, says, “It’s been so fun collaborating with Dj Trivia to put on a fun night at Black Rabbit. The bar is filled with laughs, cheers, and glasses being raised high!”

The Black Rabbit Mead Company taproom and production facility are located in the heart of downtown Reno’s Brewery District. Here you can find cider-style, beer-style, and cocktail-style meads…along with savory hand pies and a variety of non-alcoholic and CBD-infused options. 

Gather your friends and come on a Tuesday if you haven’t been here yet! You can build your own flight and either buy or win bottles to take home with you! Like our other weeknight games, sign ups begin at 7pm every Tuesday.

“With its intimate, old-world space, Black Rabbit invites DJ Trivia players to not only play trivia themselves but also to interact with their fellow players! Every game is like a rowdy night at the local tavern. Teams are laughing with each other and egging each other on, adding to the fun,” says DJ Trivia host Robby.

More About the Black Rabbit Mead Community

Ask your bartender about the new Rabbit Horn Mug membership program! For one low annual fee you get a discounts on all beverages and merchandise…and a unique bull horn mug that will be engraved just for you!

Also, every month at Black Rabbit Meads, Conor McQuivey hosts a live taping of the Renoites podcast. Renoites is a weekly interview show with the movers and shakers of Reno. These guests are frequently members of the local arts community discussing their work and the arts in Northern Nevada. Join Conor at Black Rabbit the 4th Wednesday of each month for this.

“I love working trivia nights because it’s very engaging. I get to play along for fun and it gets very competitive. I’ve worked trivia at a few places over the years and each DJ host is very unique, but so are the crowds. I truly love making friends and connections with all of them.” ~ Lina, Black Rabbit Bartender