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Beer NV DJ Trivia

On any given Tuesday, you can find a police officer, a medical doctor, an attorney, an engineer, a retired librarian, a teacher, and some ski instructors from Mt Rose hanging out at South Reno’s hot spot, Beer NV. Truly, Beer NV DJ Trivia is the place to be for anyone who wants to have fun and possibly learn something new in a 2 hour time period.

Just why is DJ Trivia Nevada at Beer NV so popular?!? It could be because the owners and bartenders just get it! It could be the gift card prizes of up to $40. It might be the combination of fun costume contests and concert tickets give away or their community involvement in things like the blood bank’s pint for pint month. (Everyone who gives a pint of blood receives a free pint of beer from Beer NV.) DJ Trivia is just one extension of that community feeling at Beer NV.

The energy there is absolutely contagious and everyone has a good time. The competition is tough but friendly, and even those who don’t win, keep coming back to try their luck the next week. The average number of players during 2019 was over 80 people each week!

Beer NV is a special place. It has become a second home or favorite hangout to people of all ages. DJ Trivia regularly sees multi-generational teams playing each week. We’ve seen mothers and daughters bond while playing. We’ve seen a grandpa bonding with his son and grandson over a beer and answering MLB questions from an era no millennial would know.

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