A DJ Trivia Story: Badonkadonks from Chica’s

Chica’s DJ Trivia player Jovanny from the Badnkadonks recently submitted their team’s story. Enjoy!

The Badonkadonks’ DJ Trivia Chica’s Story according to Jovanny

This is Jovanny from the Badonkadonks! We just wanted to share our story! Most of the members of the Badonkadonks have met through one way or another from our affiliation with the Peppermill: be it coworkers, friendships, etc. Our trivia team formed in 2020 when Chica’s Bar first opened.  If you aren’t aware, a Badonkadonk is a bodacious behind/rumper/butt. Some members like to twerk after victories! If you haven’t seen this, you should!  We aren’t afraid to have fun and GAMBLEEEEE on some of our answers!

We distinctly remember one of the worst beginnings of a DJ Trivia game. Our team had 20 points going into round 3 and we kept missing the double down dares. All of a sudden, we ended the game on top, scoring something around 500 points. It was an underdog story that you only dream about. We always see ourselves as the underdogs because we’re generally the younger group at Chicas, so we struggle on topics that pertain to older music/ movies/ the arts. We’ve qualified for playoffs twice now, and we generally do pretty well!

Fall 2021 Playoff Game at Wonder Aleworks

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